5 Innovative Ways to Keep Your Pup Cool This Summer

We all know what it feels like to be stuck in the heat. You know, that 98 degree weather that you just can’t escape! While we humans produce sweat that helps to cool us down quickly, dogs don’t have sweat glands like we do. You’ve probably noticed dogs sprawling out on the cool kitchen tile after being outside – this is because they rid themselves of heat through panting and vasodilation (where their blood vessels expand) and not primarily through sweating.

Summer may be here, but don’t fret! Read on for some surefire ways to keep Rover cool and happy in these hot summer months:

1.  Frozen Fruit Treats

Blueberries, watermelon and apples make delicious and sweet frozen fruit treats in the summer! Plus, they are extra healthy and packed with nutrients.

Frozen Apples & Watermelon: Wash the fruits thoroughly first, remove the watermelon rind and peel the apple if you’d like. Then, slice up the fruits into small cubes. Throw the cubes into a ziplock bag and toss in the freezer overnight. Make sure to remove all the apple seeds first, as these are poisonous for dogs.

Blueberries: Blueberries are packed with antioxidants which are really good for your dogs. You can either freeze them yourself, or buy them already-frozen from the grocery store. Just be mindful of where you let your dog eat them, because they can stain light surfaces and carpets.

If you want to be extra healthy, look for organic fruits that are grown without pesticides or preservatives.


2. Chicken Stock Ice Cubes

If your pup prefers savoury over sweet, try serving them a delicious amuse bouche: chicken stock ice cubes! At the grocery store, look for ready-made chicken stock. Make sure it’s low in sodium and is made without additional seasoning or flavours.

Grab an ice-cube tray and fill it with chicken stock. Freeze it overnight, and voila – delicious ice cubes that taste just like chicken! Yum!

 To make them extra-special, use a paw shaped silicone ice cube tray meant just for your pup. He’ll thank you for it!

Chicken Stock Ice Cubes-edited-SQUARE


3. Kiddy Pool Play Time

Who said kiddy pools were just for kids? Leave a kiddy pool full of cold water outside in a shady corner – your pup can play in the pool and take a dip as he pleases. It’s best to avoid the inflatable ones in case they get punctured by your pup’s nails. This kiddy pool is foldable, and is actually meant for pets ! It comes in various sizes depending on what kind of dog you have.

French Bulldog In Pool Cooling Off 1


4. Cooling Mats or Vests

Cooling mats Our product tester, Po the Pug, is very sensitive to heat and he chooses to use his cooling mat year-round. His favorite is the cooling mat made by the Green Pet Shop – it’s lasted 1 year (and counting!), comes in three different sizes, and automatically “recharges” after 30 minutes. It’s low maintenance, which we love and actually works – you may end up stealing it for the night in the dead of summer! You’ve been warned!

Cooling vests are also great for when you’re out and about – on a summer hike or at the park. Our favorite is the Ruff Wear Swamp Cooler – it’s easy to put on retains moisture to keep your pup cool without feeling heavy, and the light color reflects the sun’s UV rays. It can get dirty easily when you’re out and about, but it’s also machine washable in cold water.

Don’t have time to run out and get one of these items? A quick (and cheap) fix is to soak a towel in cold water and let your pup chill out on the wet towel.


5. Handheld Fan

If your pup just cannot stand the heat, consider getting a handheld misting fan that can clip to their crate or be set down on the floor. Battery operated ones work especially well because they are mobile – you can take them with you to the park or outside on the patio during those super hot summer days.


Dog Fan Cropped Square

5 ways to keep your pup cool this summer - earsheartsandtails

As always, make sure you provide your pup with plenty of cold, fresh water and ensure there is enough shade for your pup to get relief from the sun.

Also never leave your pup unattended in a parked car – even when it is “just for a minute or two”. Multiple studies have shown that the temperatures inside a parked car can be 20-50% higher than the outside temperature, even if the windows are open and the car is parked in shade.

Most importantly, have fun and be safe this summer! Stay cool, friends!

Pin - 5 Ways to Keep your Pup Cool This Summer
5 ways to keep your pup cool this summer - earsheartsandtails5 ways to keep your pup cool this summer - earsheartsandtails5 ways to keep your pup cool this summer - earsheartsandtails5 Ways to Keep Your Pup Cool This Summer1 (1)
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