Meet Krystal



    I’m Krystal. I’m a Dog Mom, CPA, entrepreneur and blogger with a little white dog and some big dreams.

    I launched Ears, Hearts & Tails in 2018 as a passion project – as a way to provide useful, relevant and awesome content to other dog parents out there. My vision was to create a community where ideas are curated, created and shared every day. I want to inspire other dog parents to be the best dog parents they can – and to be the kind of people their dogs think they are!

    I started my journey with a BA in psychology, a young college graduate faced with a big world and an empty road map. I decided to jump head-first into the accounting realm, getting my CPA (Chartered Professional Accountant) designation over three years, working grueling “busy-season hours” in the bullpen of a corporate office (think of Louis Litt’s “associates” in Suits – thankfully without the Louis Litt!), and in the process, learned the most important lesson of my life: nothing valuable comes without hard work, dedication and passion.

    Now that I’m here, in this online space, just know I will show up for you – and consistently provide valuable content for you and your pup to live your best lives. This is what makes me happy, and I hope it makes you happy too.






    Chien-Po (pictured above), see his Instragram

    This is Chien-Po. He is a white Pug that we brought all the way back from Tulare, California. He has stolen our hearts and taken over our home, and we couldn’t be happier with him.

    Here are some fast facts about this Pug:

    Favorite Food: Roasted Rack of Lamb. I had it once and absolutely devoured it.

    Favorite Treat: Dehydrated Beef Liver

    Favorite Activity: Playing with my cousins! I have a big family of dogs. There are: 2 Pugs, 4 Chihuahuas, 2 Pomchis, 1 Pomeranian, and 1 Pointer. I’m lucky because I always have someone to hang out with!

    I am skillful at: Agility! I am not afraid of heights or the equipment. I can jump and climb with ease.

    People always ask me: What mix I am/am I a French Bulldog. The answer is no! I am 100% Pug!

    I am afraid of: Being alone. I’ve earned the title “Velco Pug” and proud of it!



  • Po Krystal Beach

    A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.

    — Josh Billings




    [1] Where are you from?

    So I get this one a LOT. When I say I’m from Vancouver, Canada, I usually get the “…but where are you from?” follow up. So here it is: I’m of mixed heritage: Chinese, French & Dutch. I was born in Vancouver, Canada and have lived here my entire life. I consider myself Eurasian and proud of it!

    [2] What dog breed is your favorite?

    I like all dogs, but Pugs definitely take the cake here. My parents bought me my first Pug when I was 6 years old, and since then, I think I’ll always have Pugs. They’re so sweet and genuine, and have so much character with their little squishy faces and big hearts.

    [3] What do you like the most about Vancouver?

    Vancouver in the summer time is amazing! The natural beauty is so abundant. There are tons of hikes, trails, lakes, and parks around. I also love the food scene here – there are so many diverse cuisines and good restaurants to try!

    [4] What do you do in your spare time?

    Spare time is rare, but when I have some, I love to take Po for a walk along the Sea Wall or read an intense crime thriller novel on my Kindle. I’m also really into Podcasts because they allow you to multitask, and am open to pretty much anything from true crime to online marketing podcasts out there!

    [5] What is your favorite social media platform?

    I gotta say, I hang out on Instagram the most. Since I manage Po’s Instagram page I always keep my notifications on so I can respond to his messages and comments throughout the day. There is so much awesome content and loads of cute dogs out there, it’s hard to shut it off sometimes!